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Every great leader has a story to tell. More often than not, that story is compelling and inspiring. This site is dedicated to the stories of education leaders who are making a difference for children. Their leadership is meaningful to hundreds of thousands of students from around New York State who have been affected by the big and small decisions that are being made on their behalf every day. This site is dedicated to their stories,

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Coming Full Circle

Growing up in the Bronx was not a life sentence for Alex Marrero – it was motivation to achieve something better. Little did he know he would end up leading a school that was in the very place where he played stick ball with his brother when they rested from their work selling Avon products on the street.

Street Smarts

Anael Alston grew up in New York City as an African-American practicing Judiasim with a  father who  was a Jewish Rabbi. "Fitting in" was hard, but the streets were harder. As he watched his two brothers die and many of his friends take a destructive path, he learned life lessons from his expereinces and used those "street smarts" to prevail as a leader.