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This site is a joint venture of the Council of School Superintendents and the Educational Legacy Planning Group.

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Every great leader has a story to tell. More often than not, that story is compelling and inspiring. This site is dedicated to the stories of education leaders who are making a difference for children. Their leadership is meaningful to hundreds of thousands of students from around New York State who have been affected by the big and small decisions that are being made on their behalf every day. This site is dedicated to their stories,

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Leadership Legacy

The NYS Council of School Superintendents 2018 Fall Leadership Conference opened with the video at left. This video features  educational leaders  talking about their path to leadership and how they have influenced others to do the same.

Leading Change

On the second day of the conference, this video (right) was featured to open the general session. Leaders talk about how they meet the challenge in helping their schools transform to address the new realities facing graduates, students, and teachers.


Students Safe

The conference concluded with a  powerful video (left) featuring school leaders discussing the impact of school violence on their students and their communities.