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Doug Huntley

Queensbury UFSD

"We are making a difference and we are making an important difference. There isn't a single day that goes by that, as I arrive on the campus in the morning,  I don't feel the andrenaline....Every day there is an andrenaline rush as I get closer to the campus and get started on the day."

"I feel strongly that parents are counting on me to hold it together and be strong for the community and to be a good resource for the community, to be sad with the community, mourn with the community. But in the end, they're sending em their kids and I need to be ready for whatever will come ourway."

Marie Wiles

Guilderland CSD

September 11th ...Every kid in our district...was escorted home that day to ensure  that there was a parent in that house. We had parents who didn't make it back from the city, but we made sure that every single kid went home with an adult to ensure that there was somebody to hand the student off to or bring them back and we continued to support kids until we were in touch with parents or relatives."

Hank Grishman

Jericho UFSD

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Every great leader has a story to tell. More often than not, that story is compelling and inspiring. This site is dedicated to the stories of education leaders who are making a difference for children. Their leadership is meaningful to hundreds of thousands of students from around New York State who have been affected by the big and small decisions that are being made on their behalf every day. This site is dedicated to their stories,

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